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Whether your staff are in the office or working from home it’s important to look after your employee’s health and wellbeing. To that end we now provide the following short virtual wellness programs that help destress and refresh your staff.

Rapid Refresh

A virtual relaxation session combining the best relaxation techniques in the world. Comprising of gentle stretches, self-massage and ending in a simple meditation. Perfect for the busy office environment for those that are short on time. Giving staff a true break that they need to refresh and de-stress.

Rapid Recharge

A virtual yoga session for those that are interested in a more in-depth stretching session. Giving staff a chance to recharge their minds and invigorate their bodies. 

Rapid Relax

A session focusing solely on meditation but something easy for beginners. Put on some headphones and close your eyes. Your staff will be relaxed and destressed in just 15 mins.  

All sessions are 15 mins and cost $150 (+GST)

*There is no limit to the number of staff attending and we can use your preference of video conferencing platform

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Virtual Wellness

Corporate Bodies Virtual Wellness Programmes

15 Minute Rapid Relax, Rapid Recharge or Rapid Refresh session