Corporate Bodies will bring a moment of joy to your workplace with our professional in-office massage service. Book Now

De-stress and re-energise your team

A happy team is a high-performing team. Let our massage therapists melt away the tension of the day with a rejuvenating in-office massage.

Our qualified and insured massage therapists will keep your employees engaged and energised with 15 minute professional neck-and-shoulder massages guaranteed to relieve stress and bring a moment of joy to your workplace.


Our simple four-step process

Get in touch to book time with our qualified massage therapists.
Your employees reserve 15 minute sessions via our online booking system. 15 minute sessions often work best but we can adjust as needed.
Our massage therapists arrive at your event and set up specialist massage chairs in a private area.
You will be invoiced after the appointment.

Office Massage

Honed over more than 20 years and 355,000 sessions, this is the best massage in Australia

15 min sessions (or whatever you like!) include;

  • Relaxing Music
  • Stretching and posture advice
  • Setup in a meeting room or designated area
  • No clothing is removed and no oils are used

You barely need to lift a finger because our scheduling system is fast, easy and self-service.

  • Effortless online booking for employees
  • Automatic calendar invitations
  • 30 min calendar reminders

Therapists are;

  • Hand-picked from the best in the country
  • Trained and accredited
  • Fully insured
  • First aid certified
  • Professional attired
  • Follow strict hygiene processes

Quality assurance follow ups

$100 per hour*

Book Now
*Excludes GST, within business hours
*Minimum 3 hour callout per therapist
*Only charge for hands-on time not for breaks or travel