Hygiene policy

Hygiene is of upmost importance and therefore to ensure your safety we have taken the following steps to ensure the wellbeing of both our clients and our therapists.

  1. Fully Covid vaccinated therapists can be provided upon request
  2. Therapists can wear masks upon request.
  3. If you as a client are exhibiting any signs of illness however mild, then please refrain from having a massage.
  4. Any equipment used will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before each treatment.
  5. Disposable face covers/tissues will be changed between each treatment
  6. Any linen that a therapist might choose to use (ie. barrier towel, face cover) will be changed before each treatment
  7. The therapist is required to disinfect their hands before every treatment with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser or alternatively wear gloves that are disposed of between each treatment.
  8. If a therapist has any sign of cold/flu like symptoms they will advise Corporate Bodies immediately, and a different therapist be used for the appointment.
  9. The therapist has the right to refuse a client a treatment if they feel that the client is exhibiting signs of illness.
  10. Corporate Bodies only use fully qualified massage therapists who adhere to the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) Massage Therapy Code of Conduct, including guidelines surrounding Infection Control and Hygiene

If you have any concerns or suggestions please make the therapist aware and they will be only too happy to help in whatever way they can to ensure your safety and wellbeing.