About Corporate Bodies

We create more productive employees with expert in-office massage

We believe that happy, healthy employees drive successful, sustainable businesses.

That’s why we’re passionate about supporting the workplace wellness of your valued team with the best corporate massage in Australia.

In fact, we’ve been creating moments of joy for more than 20 years with immersive in-office relaxation experiences.

And we’re so confident in the abilities of our qualified massage therapists that we guarantee you and your team will feel de-stressed and re-energised — or your money back.

The fast, easy and effective antidote to workplace stress

Our highly-trained massage therapists will de-stress and re-energise your team with neck and shoulder massages.

We provide specialist massage chairs and soothing music.

No clothing is removed and no massage oil is used, and all our therapists practice strict hygiene procedures.

The Bottom Line

What’s good for your people is good for your business.

Did you know that employee absenteeism costs Australian businesses up to $2,741 per employee per year?

Studies have shown that regular corporate massage can reduce the cost of absenteeism by $693 per employee per year.

And that’s not counting the employee engagement improvements, productivity gains and staff retention increases that follow when you have a happy, healthy workforce.

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