Allianz Assistance

“After doing some research online we needed a company that was going to be able to provide us with the flexibility and services at 3 different locations in 2 different states, when I approached Corporate Bodies™ I received a speedy response back from Kurt Mueller. I advised what we were looking for, the flexibility that we required and within hours Kurt had delivered what we were looking for.

Our Sydney office was first and the feedback that was provided was exceptional “Judy was fantastic and it helped me feel good for the rest of the day”. Once we received the feedback from the Sydney office we were all getting extremely excited for the arrival in the Southport and Toowong office.

Bev attended the Southport office and showed her professionalism in every way possible “I was able to tell her what I was struggling with and she was able to help me with my issues and provide exercises to do”.

Now it was Toowong’s turn, with Toowong being the largest it was handled extremely well by Mike, Margaret and Bev. The feedback provided from the staff came rolling in on the first day with all the staff so thankful and it really boosted the morale and like anything good news travels fast “it was lovely” , “I feel so relaxed now I want to have a nap”, “they helped with my posture and the way I sit to help relieve pain in my neck”.

On behalf of everyone I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience.”