Turn a sleepy team into a dream team!

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There has been much research on the benefits of massage in the workplace and there is much evidence to suggest that having healthier and happier employees has a positive effect on the company, with both tangible and intangible benefits.
Below is a brief breakdown on the benefits that corporate massage provides.

For Employers

  1. A low cost and effective way to show employees that you care about them
  2. Healthier and happier employees inspire morale and boost productivity
  3. Healthier and happier employees reduce absenteeism and increase presenteeism
  4. Reduces stress in the workplace and promotes work-life balance
  5. Encourages people to come to work on massage day!
  6. Contributes to a culture of excellence and being considered an “Employer of Choice”
  7. Decreases sick days due to back and neck problems, stress and “mental health days”
  8. Helps to retain employees over the longer term, and attract new recruits

For Employees

  1. Relieves muscle tension in neck, shoulders, back, wrists and hands from the daily use of computers.
  2. Relieves tension headaches and muscle aches and pains
  3. Reduces stress and tension and increases energy and productivity
  4. Improves mental clarity and concentration
  5. Happier employees means a happier workplace  – “My employer cares about me!”